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Unit 4: Executive Branch

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Post Nuclear War Survival

Following the group activity in class, groups should post their decisions within this blog. Class time will be allocated for this blog.

Groups should comment/respond to other groups decisions.

Worth 30 points.

Unit 3: The Legislative Branch

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Complete during Unit 3. Choose 1 of the following 3 assignments. Remember to respond to at least two other students posts. Due at the end of unit 3. (30 points)

1. Current Events Watch: Choose one member of Congress named in a current news report and research his or her personal and political background to construct a biographical profile.

2. Writing Activity: Write a newspaper editoral about your views on the qualifications of a member of Congress. List the current qualifications then write your ideas for any changes.

3. Internet Activity: Go to to visit Congress’s web site. Find the list of bills currently under debate in Congress and select one on a topic that interests you. Examine the information available and summarize this information in a status report.

Unit 2: Political Behavior: Government By the People

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Complete the following during Unit 2. Assignment will be scored at the end of Unit 2. (30 points).

Create a voting behavior questionnaire based on the items in the chart on page 133. Interview between 10-20 adults to learn their responses to the questions in your survey. Use this blog to post your findings and results on political behavior.

Remember to comment on two other students posts.

Current Event

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This blog will serve as an ongoing forum for discussion of current events throughout the entire course. Students will be expected to contribute to this blog twice per marking period and to comment on another student(s) post at least twice per marking period. Participation on the blog will count as a grade for each marking period (60 points).

When posting your summary, comments, and opinion/perspective please post a link to the current event.

Unit 1: Foundations of American Government

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Complete this blog after reading and learning the descriptions of the basic concepts of democracy in Unit 1: Chapter 1. Assignment will be scored at the close of unit 1 after the completion of chapter 4.

Imagine a society in which one or more of these basic concepts did not exist. Write a brief newspaper story, complete with headline, of an event in such a society, showing what life would be like without that basic concept of democracy. The event might concern politics, daily life, or some other topic.

Remember to comment on two of your other classmates posts.

Blog is worth 30 points.